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ABCF 4 Healthier Boxers
NO LONGER AVAILABLE We are all saddened when we lose our Boxers to the health problems that plague our favorite breed ... but we can do something to further identify those conditions and develop preventative measures and cures. We can support the American Boxer Charitable Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for health research. The money raised so far by the ABCF has funded studies in Boxer cardiomyopathy, sub-aortic stenosis, thyroid disease, and cancer, including lymphoma. The foundation is also hoping to fund a study on degenerative myelopathy.

Stock# bracelet
This rubber support bracelet features the words ABCF 4 HEALTHIER BOXERS

The American Boxer Charitable Foundation will receive $4 to use for health research, and the Boxer Rescue Foundation will use $2 to continue helping rescue Boxers in foster care and the remaining $1 for shipping and handling rounds out the $7 cost.

Click here to learn more about the ABCF.

Medium - A 7" bracelet that fits a youth and most women
Large - An 8" bracelet that fits men and some women
$ 7.00