2009 BRF Grant Recipients
Thanks to the generous support of countless Boxer lovers, the Boxer Rescue Foundation is awarding financial grants throughout the year as the need arises and funds become available. Rescue groups are reporting higher numbers due to the recession. Donations are down, too, so your support is most appreciated!

All Grants are awarded as a matter of grace and not as a matter of right, and are totally at the discretion of the Boxer Rescue Foundation Board of Directors. The Board considers many factors when considering a rescue group for a Grant, including how the group's rescue philosophy matches the philosophy of the Boxer Rescue Foundation.

BRF Grant money will be used for expenses that Boxer rescue groups face on a regular basis. The groups are required to submit receipts to show how they spent the Grant money.

The Boxer Rescue Foundation is pleased to introduce the 2009 BRF Grant Recipients. Photos are group volunteers with rescue Boxers.

Please continue to check this page as it will be updated when additional BRF Grants are announced or Grant amounts are amended.

Anne Reese with Oscar
Tulsa Boxer Rescue - Oklahoma
Tulsa Boxer Rescue does an outstanding job of placing Boxers in excellent homes in a timely manner. They will adopt to families out of their area in order to facilitate adoptions without unnecessary delays.
Shirley Otradevec & Waldo
Legacy Boxer Rescue - Texas
Legacy Boxer Rescue's philosophy is to place Boxers in good homes as quickly as possible in order to reduce stress on the dog. One way they accomplish this is by being willing to approve out-of-area adoptions once all the requirements have been met. Good job!
Trent Gasbarra with Bernie & Sophie
Boxer Luv Rescue - Arizona
In addition to being one of the busiest Boxer rescues in the country, Boxer Luv has two extraordinary programs we would like to salute: the Twilight Program for seniors and the Hospice Program for Boxers with terminal illnesses. Boxers in these programs - like Bernie and Sophie - are true members of volunteer families who surround them with love, dignity and respect until the day they have to say goodbye.
Betsy Keplinger & Santa with
Velma & Blizzard
Central Kentucky Boxer Rescue
Even though this group is located in Central Kentucky, volunteers help coordinate Boxer rescue efforts with at least six other Boxer rescue groups in four nearby states. Cooperation is the key as CKBR helps put rescue Boxers in forever homes as soon as possible.
Frayda Friedman & Sydney
Lone Star Boxer Rescue - Texas
We are especially impressed with Lone Star Boxer Rescue's innovative fund raising efforts such as the Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament! This group also participates in quite a few mobile adoption events in the Houston area.
Debi Folkerts with Bruno
South Dakota Boxer Rescue
SDBR volunteers work to re-home Boxers in five states: South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Most weekends you will find them participating in - or sponsoring - Meet/Greet events in an effort to showcase the Boxers they have in their program.
Marcie Glass & Crystal
BoxAR Rescue - Arkansas
We are very supportive of BoxAR Rescue's efforts to place Boxers in good homes - regardless of the location of those homes. In fact, representatives of BoxAR Rescue are busy in several surrounding states. They are always busy with fund raisers, including a fun poker run!