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Toby's Gift

For years, Toby gave the gifts of love, laughter, and wisdom to hundreds of members of the Boxer Mailing List as he interacted with his sisters Lily and Emily on Dale Ulmer's Web Site. Toby's death was a loss felt all over the world.

In Toby's memory, the Boxer Rescue Foundation established Toby's Gift, a special fund to help Boxers in need. While the main mission of the Boxer Rescue Foundation is to provide financial assistance to Boxer rescue groups to help with the costs of foster care, there are many Boxers that fall through the cracks. They are dearly loved by individuals or families; they come from good homes but their owners find themselves facing huge veterinary bills while in a temporary financial crisis. It can happen to anyone. These Boxers don't qualify for BRF Grant money.

Toby's Gift will help these Boxers in cases of emergency medical need. Monetary assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will greatly depend on need, veterinarian's prognosis, and financial status of the fund. Funds will be paid directly to the veterinarian. All payments are made as a matter of grace and not as a matter of right, and are totally at the discretion of the Boxer Rescue Foundation Board of Directors.

You may make a donation through PayPal by using the email address: or by clicking on the donate button next to Toby's picture.

You may also send a check or money order to: Boxer Rescue Foundation, PO Box 1203, Newberry, FL 32669

Toby's Gift Charter Donors
Agnes Labelle
Ann & Bill Stone
Barney, Maggie & Ashley Reid
Bonnie Ross
Boynton Beach Jewish Center
Brown's Ranch Farm Hands
Carole Stein
Cheryl Feight
Chris & Charlie Senseney & Copper
Christine Rose
Chuck & Melody Kirk
Cynthia Rolfes
Diane & Dale Ulmer
Dale Mosby
David Martel
Deborah McDilda
Edward Berkeley
Elizabeth Wald
Fred & Aggie Brown
Jeni Mellott with Maxwell, Matilda & Allie
Jennifer Wildes
Jenny Oler
Joanne Klebe
John, Jeanne & Homer Diebel
Judy Wieland
Kady, John, Eliza & Sammy Stone
Karen Fesler
Kathy Struve Kim Langlois, Connie Back & the Boxers of LaBR
Laila Sullivan
Larry Webb
Las Vegas BR - Deborah Champine
Leisa Harvey
Linda Johannessen
Lorraine Brown
Marilyn & Lovejoy Benoit & the spirit of Star
Maryann Watkins
Michelle Moran
Nadyne Nelson
Nancy Knarr
Nancy Sue Wainwright
Nancy Yang
Nikki Bacon
Patti Paul-Snyder
Rachel, Wayne, Sidney, & Tanker Osborn
Rose Fye
Sandie Sexton
Sandy Orr
Suki Slater
Susan Reid
Susan Steveson
Sylvester Brown
Terri Latta
Tina Haumersen
Tom Gasser, Bubbles & the Bubblettes
Toni Crawford
Verne & Terry Kelley
Wendy Haedo

Toby's Gift to Kali
Kali's young family had just moved to a rural community when the accident happened. This young Boxer was exploring her new surroundings when she ran into some sheet metal and both legs were cut to the bone. An artery in her left leg was severed, as were the tendons and nerves.

Kali's family took her to the nearest veterinarian who considered amputating one leg. He decided, however, to try to put this Boxer girl back together and began a four-hour surgery. Kali spent several weeks in casts and could not walk at all. Her loving family carried her everywhere. They knew recovery would take a long time and worried about the costs that were mounting every day. With the family's new baby, moving expenses, and the need to replace the water well, there was no money to help with Kali's surgery and continued treatment. They asked the BRF for help.

The Boxer Rescue Foundation contacted Kali's veterinarian who believed Kali would walk again but might have a limp. His prognosis was guarded but optimistic. Using Toby's Gift funds, the BRF sent a check to the veterinary clinic to help defray the costs of the surgery and aftercare.

Kali's recovery was amazing! She soon graduated to soft casts and could take some short walks. Her family reported that she really wanted to run, but that was against the rules! All through the entire trauma, Kali maintained the Boxer spirit we all know so well. She didn't complain and never failed to shower her family and her veterinary care providers with love and kisses.

We are very happy to report that Kali's vet was right. She loves to run and play as only a Boxer can. Her life is filled with love and joy and health thanks to Toby's Gift and the donors who make that fund possible.